Our Story

Where it all started

“Time is not measured by seconds, but by the moments that give you purpose.”

For two brothers, that moment had taken place over a cup of coffee on the outskirts of Brisbane. They both shared an obsessive interest for luxury watches and wanted to create a unique and innovative product. One that was designed with intricate simplicity and distinguishing details.  By the time they had both finished their coffees, the idea of Zefari & Co had been bought to life.


Timeless in design & timeless in quality.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Our aim was never to follow a trend, but to create one. We wanted to produce an authentic watch with subtle, yet distinguishing features.  Through innovative designs and expert craftsmanship, a beautiful watch had emerged. It was slim, elegantly refined and uniquely designed. With distinct features such as the deep blue case back, intricate dial pattern and iconic lion logo, Zefari & Co watches were designed to remain timeless. 

 The Perfect Companion

Our uniquely designed and flawlessly crafted watches are not just simply time tellers – they are the perfect companion. With our wide variety of interchangeable straps, you can have a different watch for every occasion. So whether you are attending a formal event or exploring the wonders of the world, a Zefari & Co watch will always be the perfect companion.